18 Dec 2023

EMT Valencia puts out to tender the purchase of 57 new electric and hybrid buses for 30 million euros

“The EMT of València, in conjunction with the city council, has a strong commitment to combating climate change and reducing dependency on fossil fuels in order to achieve a more efficient and sustainable mobility. That's why a tender has just been announced to acquire 57 new buses, 26 of which are 12-meter electric buses and 31 units are 18-meter diesel/biodiesel hybrid articulated buses. The electric buses will have a range of over 300 km per day, allowing them to complete shifts of over 16 consecutive hours during their 15-year lifespan . Additionally, they will incorporate European safety innovations such as alarm systems for pedestrian detection in high-risk or low-visibility areas. On weekdays, an average of 370,000 trips are made by users thanks to their fleet of 500 buses, of which 56% are electric or hybrid (new acquisitions). With the planned investment of 30 million euros in 2024, there will be 48 vehicles 100% electric and 285 hybrids, resulting in a 68% more energy-efficient fleet. The latest vehicle fleet renewal plan has successfully prevented the emission of 11,000 tons of CO2 between 2019 and 2023. Furthermore, despite an 11% increase in demand compared to pre-pandemic levels, this translates into much more efficient mobility due to increased use of public transport over private motorized transportation, resulting in a lower carbon footprint per trip. Moreover, the new fleet will improve vehicle performance and enable increased service due to its modern units with lower breakdown rates, including articulated vehicles providing more daily seating capacity. Based on updated calculations, only the new acquisitions will prevent an additional 3,000 tons of emissions annually. The public procurement process is currently in the stage of receiving offers from manufacturers, and the delivery of vehicles is expected by the end of 2024, along with the installation of new electric chargers and necessary civil works. The EMT of València has a power supply capacity of 2MW, already prepared to accommodate its 48 electric vehicles, and plans are underway to electrify a significant portion of its fleet in the coming years”.

Josep Chiner Mobility Director of EMT València provides us with a deep insight into Ajuntament de València's latest UPPER mobility measures development:

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