Versailles Grand Parc – Ile de France

Every day in Ile-de-France 43 million trips are made by residents including 9,4 million by PT, one of the largest PT networks in the world.

With new mobility services but also by offering passengers increasingly efficient and multimodal route planning tools, IDF is committed to promoting the most environmentally friendly travel door to door solutions, helping improve the region’s air quality and the health of Ile-de-France residents. The Urban Community of Versailles Grand Parc (VGP, 18 cities, 267,000 inhabitants) will be the host of several Olympic Games events in 2024. In this context, the demand for mobility represents a challenge to place PT at the heart of the strategy. VGP, as local partner of Ile de France Mobilité (IDFM, Authority for PT in the Region), contributes to finance PT network and works with IDFM to organize the transportation offer. VGP overlooks and facilitates decarbonisation of mobility according to the needs and mandates of its member cities, and promotes the use of PT and micro-mobility services in order to reduce congestion and move towards decarbonisation


You can download the Overview of the current situation in Île de France – Versailles Grand Parc article from here.



François de Mazières

President of Versailles Grand Parc Agglomeration

Partners of the Versailles Grand Parc – Ile de France local cluster
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