Thessaloniki with 315,196 inhabitants is the second-largest city in Greece. In 2014 the city implemented its SUMP.

The city plans to decarbonise its PT system, with the National Ministry of Transport supporting Thessaloniki to bring 300 clean buses to the city by 2024. Thessaloniki has the ambition to 1) reduce the car dependency by improving its offer of on-demand and shared mobility services as a complement to PT services, 2) re-structure the public bus system, because of the operation of the new PT modes such as the metro, public maritime transport and west suburban railway, and 3) deploy flexible PT services in low-demand areas and for dedicated social groups. Thessaloniki’s SUMP envisages an increase in the daily PT trips that have at least one end within the city borders, from 32% to more than 39% by 2030.


You can download the Overview of the current situation in Thessaloniki article from here.

Ioannis Toskas

CEO of TheTA Thessaloniki

Partners of the Thessaloniki local cluster
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