The Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) covers 18 municipalities (largest urban area in Portugal, 10th largest in the EU, with 2.871.133 inhabitants and 3.015 km².

AML is currently served by a vast network of PT operators, in a total of 17 public and private entities. This PT network, with its multiple modes of transport (bus, subway, train, LRT, tram, boat, lifts…) has a demand that raises to values above a million passengers every day. The city of Lisbon is the urban centre of AML. It has a 0,5M population, but it doubles the number of people during the day, due to employment and schools. In fact, the city of Lisbon has only 18% of the AML population, so it has strong commuting patterns. The city of Lisbon has a dense bus offer and a metropolitan network, and is fed by the surrounding municipalities by boats, suburban trains and buses. Lisbon assumes the mission of boosting PT services, aligned with the Lisbon Strategic Mobility Vision 2030.


You can download the Overview of the current situation in Lisbon article from here.


Ana Loureiro Raimundo

Municipal Director of Mobility – Lisbon City Council

Partners of the Lisbon local cluster
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