20 Nov 2023

The Mobility as a Right concept #MAAR in Oslo

The “Mobility as a Right” (MaaR) concept is one of the pillars of UPPER. It is a strategic vision aiming to ensure inclusive mobility where all citizens are taken into consideration, regardless of their physical and mental capabilities
or social and economic background. UPPER strategies originate from a firm belief in Accessibility + Inclusiveness
= Freedom. As such, MaaR is embedded in the core of the UPPER communication strategy. The representation of
all segments of society is extremely important for the execution of UPPER’s vision of public transport as a mode of
transport for everyone, ensuring public transport opens up economic, social, and political opportunities for citizens,
and therefore increasing their quality of life.

As cities endeavour to decarbonise transport, there are opportunities to transform our transport systems and services from electrification of fleets to integrated transport systems, micromobility solutions and more. However, the full potential benefits to the environment, economy and population health and wellbeing of these transformations will likely be missed if some users do not feel able, safe and willing to be a part of transport’s decarbonised future.

Oslo one of the project's Living labs has been working on building a culture of social inclusion to make sure their public transportation services are for all. Their "Mind the Gap" concept received very good feedback and has now included most of their employees, almost all leaders in Ruter, and even the Board of Directors and owners. It all started In 2020 when Bernt Reitan Jenssen, CEO of Ruter, met a young man who left a great impression on him. In a debate on Norwegian television, Amir Hashani stated that as a wheelchair user, he often had to give up on traveling by bus because the bus ramp had got stuck or because the ramp key was missing.

“I myself felt the stress and insecurity a visually impaired person experiences on public transport. That made an impression on me.” Bernt Reitan Jenssen, CEO of Ruter

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